Meet the Tyros

In 2006, Chuck Lawless and Peter McDowell (both New Trier graduates and former Tri-Ship Presidents), founded the New Trier Tyro Society as a way to give back to their neighborhood, their alma mater, and New Trier's Tri-Ship and Girls Club, which raise funds for graduating seniors seeking college financial aid). The Tyro Society offers career opportunities and mentoring to deserving New Trier graduatues through a structured four-year business internship program, with the goal of leveling the socioeconomic playing field and establishing equal opportunites for success.

Since its founding in 2006, the New Trier Tyro Society has welcomed four classes of Tyros into the highly selective Tyro internship and scholarship program, creating 24 internship opportunities for 9 deserving New Trier graduates. With your support the society hopes to welcome its newest members (the Tyro Class of 2011) into the society upon their high school graduation in May 2011, including one student from Tyro's sister program at Gary Comer College Preparatory School in Chicago, Illinois.

Class of 2007
Francis Enright
Moni Garza
Tim Palamidis

Class of 2008
Lucy Dolya
Timothy McNally

Class of 2009
Jennifer Marchuk
Matthew Yoon

Class of 2010
Marcelle Forsyth

Class of 2011
Katie O'Brien
Gabriella Gryz
Craig Burns*

Honorary Members
The following have been granted honorary membership into the Society thanks to their outstanding commitment to the organization and support of its goals:

Debbie Simon
Susan Thorngren
Patricia Blackwell

Founding Members
Charles Lawless
Peter McDowell

* Denotes Morris Barefield Business Internship Recipient