About the New Trier Tyro Society

The New Trier Tyro Society is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Winnetka, IL.

The society was founded in 2006 by two New Trier alumni and former Tri-Ship Presidents who envisioned the society as the sponsoring organization for a highly selective business internship program that takes place over multiple summers for graduates of New Trier High School. The aim of the society is to leverage the vibrant and strong New Trier alumni network to provide deserving New Trier graduates with an opportunity to participate in structured and engaging multi-summer internships. The goal of the internship program is to develop the Tyros' business skills and industry insight, thereby making collegiate studies relevant and career choices informed.

Each year two "Tyros," or apprentices, are selected from a pool of applicants to the New Trier Trust Fund Scholarship by a committee of New Trier faculty and community members. This organization relies on the support of countless New Trier alumni and faculty members, and your contribution to the society will help fund internships for scholarship students, and help the society to raise the next generation of notable New Trier alumni.

In April 2011, the Tyro Society announced the establishment of a partnership with Gary Comer College Preparatory School, in celebration of the legacy of former New Trier teacher and coach Morris Barefield. Tyros from Gary Comer Prep will participate fully in the Society, receiving internship experiences, mentoring and college scholarship support. The New Trier Tyro Society is elated to welcome students from Gary Comer College Prep into the Society, beginning with the Tyro Class of 2011.

Please take a moment to meet the Tyros, and consider supporting the Tyro Society. Through our partnerships with New Trier alumni and others, the society has provided 32 internship opportunites to 11 deserving New Trier graduates, with placements nationally (including Chicago, New York, and Salt Lake City) and internationally (Germany). With your continued support, the program will continue to provide engaging internship experiences to deserving New Trier High School graduates.